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3D Interactive Music is a revolutionary digital audio technology which achieves an entirely new level of realism and playability while opening up incredible new realms of sound! 3D Interactive Music allows audiences to experience music from different physical perspectives, allowing them to "move around the concert hall" - or even "join" the band on stage. And more importantly, it is the first time that the audiences have the right to choose the sounds they prefer - arranging and re-arranging their sounds to create amazing new perspectives of their favorite music.

Totally different from recording, 3D Interactive Music enables its audiences to actively participate in the process of shaping the final sound. Not an equalizer or tone control - or even a basic panning knob - 3D Interactive Music delves deeper into the way our brain interprets the sounds we hear. When we play our music, be it on CD, MP3 or even a Blue Ray Disk, it is static: audiences hear the same thing every time and cannot change it.But in 3D Interactive Music, your ears will be opened to new worlds. You can switch to the player's perspective and hear the same sounds the guitar player heard when he originally played your favorite song. Or you can switch to audience perspective, listening from the back row of the theatre. You can even go crazy and crawl into the grand piano, hearing the band from inside! Still not satisfied and want to build your own rock band? You can mix different instruments from different perspectives by simply dragging them onto the 3D stage. Move instruments around, tweak it, play with it. When you discover your own unique, perfect mix, you can render it to MP3 or burn a CD and impress your friends with "your" new band.

3D Interactive Music offers great detail using nearly 20 times the quantity of information that the latest 24 Bit/192KHz High Definition Audio spec calls for. Every nuance is preserved, each detail will be present in your ultimate mix. And you are no longer forced to listen from one perspective - you now have the ability to hear your favorite songs from anywhere you desire. 3D Interactive Music uses groundbreaking multi position synchronization recording, HRTF and DSP technologies to achieve these incredible effects. And, with an audio resolution up to 32 Bit/384KHz even the pickiest audiophile’s ears will be pleased. By using the latest personalized Head Related Transfer Functions, 3D Interactive Music will simulate the effect of binaural recording, preserving an accurate and realistic stereo image at every point in your virtual venue.

3D Interactive Music lets users compare the differences between the original recording and their own creations, A/B switching on demand, allowing anything from subtle changes to sweeping alerations. Listeners demand so much more these days, arguing about studio recordings vs. live shows. 3D Interactive Music puts you in control. You now have the flexibility to arrange the venue as you choose. Move that lovely singer to the front - put that drummer way off stage! You decide!

One of the great advantages of 3D Interactive Music is that it is extremely friendly to both audiences and producers. There's no new hardware to buy, nothing to plug in. In fact, experiencing this reolutionary technology is easy as listening to any of your favorite songs on your PC. All you need is a Windows PC with standard audio outputs. Even your five years old "antique" PC can play 3D Interactive Music without any issues. Any current digital music can easily be transformed into 3D Interactive Music.