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Album Title: Piano Magic
Demo Version current unavailable

Piano Magic is a virtual encyclopedia of grand pianos, featuring five of the greatest (and most expensive!) grand pianos from around the world.
Fazioli Brunei: Worthy over $400,000
Fazioli F308: Worthy over $300,000
Bösendorfer Imperial Grand: Worthy over $250,000
Blüthner Grand: Wothy over $320,000
Yamaha C7: Worthy over $160,000

This is the first album that audiences can enjoy with these amazing piano sounds heard from different perspectives - with details never heard before. Featuring three different perspectives, you will experience piano sound from a full 360 degrees.
Player Perspective enables you to taste piano sound as you are the pianist playing the grand.
Inside Perspective enables you to feel the piano as you are inside its great wood body.
Audience Perspective enables you to listen the pianos as you are sitting at the VIP seat of the theatre.
Still not satisfied? you can mix the sound from above 3 perspectives and shaping your own and unique sound.

Beethoven Fur Elise, played on Fazioli Brunei
Franz Liszt Liebestraum, played on Fazioli Brunei
Chopin Fantasie Impromptu Opus66,played on Fazioli F308
Rachmaninov Prelude No.2, played on Fazioli Brunei
Beethoven Sonata in F minor op. 57,played on Fazioli F308
Satie Gamnopedie No1, played on Bösendorfer Imperial Grand
Schubert Impromptu, played on Bösendorfer Imperial Grand
Beethoven Sonata in A-flat Major Op.110, played on Yamaha C7
Sciabin Sonata No5 Op53, played on Blüthner Grand

Resolution: 24Bit/96KHz
Size: 4.5GB (2.9GB download)
System: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7